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Dr. Nagendra Sardeshpande

Dr. Nagendra Sardeshpande is a Consultant Laparoscopic Gynaecologist and brings his vast experience to his private gynaecology practice at leading hospitals of Mumbai for treatment of obstetric and gynaecological conditions. He is an expert in advanced vaginal and laparoscopic surgery.

His special interests are in advanced gynaecologic laparoscopic surgery, endometriosis treatment, treatment of uterine fibroids, treatment of uterine abnormalities, hysteroscopic surgery, vaginal surgery, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, heavy menstrual bleeding and infertility.

He is a skilled laparoscopic surgeon and performs a wide range of surgeries by keyhole / laser / laparoscopic surgery. He has more than 10 years experience of minimally invasive surgical treatment of severe and multi‐organ endometriosis, infertility, and urologic and pelvic reconstruction, transvaginal tapes for stress incontinence and performs advanced mesh repairs for complex or recurrent pelvic floor prolapse.

His goal is to tirelessly provide comprehensive specialised gynaecological care to women with a range of problems across all strata of society.

Dr. Sardeshpande has coauthored several textbooks and over 100 book chapters and articles. He is a member of many distinguished societies, reviewer for several academic journals, and advisor to teaching organizations.

Dr. Sonalee Sardeshpande

Dr. Sonalee Sardeshpande, a Specialist Gynaecologist providing comprehensive care in women’s health combined with a unique skill set in Advanced Laparoscopy, Robotic Assisted Surgery & Uro-Gynaecological Surgery.

She understands that no woman’s body or experiences are the same, which is why she is passionate about offering you a high quality service and the time it takes to find the best solution for your body and ensure you receive the best possible treatment and outcome.

She is highly specialised in providing a holistic approach to women’s pelvic health, offering a number of innovative surgical and non-surgical techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic pain, endometriosis, abnormal uterine bleeding, fibroids, abnormal Pap smears, urinary incontinence and pelvic floor disorders.

Our specialists will take the time required to make you feel comfortable, alleviate the uncertainty of having a gynaecological procedure or surgery performed and help you to make an informed decision on the best treatment solution for you.

Dr. Nagendra and Dr Sonalee are both highly qualified Advanced Gynaecological Surgeons in Laparoscopic “Keyhole” and Robotic Surgery. Both the doctors have undergone additional training in minimally invasive surgery and are capable of providing the full range of Gynaecological procedures.

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Dr. Nagendra and Dr Sonalee are both highly qualified Advanced Gynaecological Surgeons in Laparoscopic “Keyhole” and Robotic Surgery